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Angry Kitty by SupressedAuthority Angry Kitty :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 0 2
Tip top
Tip top, tally ho!
Off to war, off we go.
Drunken nights, off to fight,
Off to war we go!
Recruitment school, train as tools.
God help us, killing machines!
Before shipping us, off we go.
To do some damned dirty deed!
Tip top, tally ho!
Over the top, over we go!
Ten dead on the ship,
Real morale, as we reach the lines,
Rummed up and strung out.
For the trench we give our lies.
Tip top, tally ho!
Over the top we go!
A thousand dead, for one small hill,
Too many casualties, too big a bill.
Making us fight, all against our will!
Tip top, tally ho!
Over the top, we go!
This is war; there is no romance, no love.
No Montague's or, Capulets.
There is but, the shells a thundering,
As the rats they do their plundering.
Bringing us closer to the thrill,
As the whistle trills to get us to kill!
Tip top, tally ho.
Off to the morgue, off they go!
So many dead, so many wounded,
Yet all this did was buy us yards.
We try to write our letters, they censor they snip,
Till all we have left, is a simple q
:iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 0 0
Taste my kiss, Fear My Love by SupressedAuthority Taste my kiss, Fear My Love :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 0 0 Tired of Flying -Fan Art- by SupressedAuthority Tired of Flying -Fan Art- :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 0 0 Ardor by SupressedAuthority Ardor :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 0 1
Syringe Binge
Sometime's I'm called a waste of space,
And yet you people wonder why I want to leave this place.
All, I want to do some days, is kill and kill.
And yet you judge me, for taking this pill.
You should be thankful for it, in all truth and reason,
For if you didn't, every day would be Human Season.
The gun's in the closet, the knife's in the drawer,
I'm gonna stab my ex-girlfriend, for hurting me like a whore.
So be thankful for this medicine, it keeps me from getting free,
And everything inside of me is just a part of my disease!
Weighed on a needle and knife,
My true desire is too end your life.
So look me in the eye, and tell me it's true,
Give me a reason, why I shouldn't hate you!
:iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 1 0
Drama Project by SupressedAuthority Drama Project :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 0 0 Astrid by SupressedAuthority Astrid :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 0 0 Graffiti Colour by SupressedAuthority Graffiti Colour :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 0 0
Poetry Contest Submission
I'm on the balcony, as lonely as could be,
Set before a camera, so the whole world can see.
I let loose of all emotions, I give up and dive,
There is nothing in this life, that can make me thrive.
As I hit the ground, I'm not overwhelmed in pain.
However, I get up and I'm in a different frame.
Surrounded in thick jungle, with creatures and critters,
Some deadly enough to give anyone the jitters.
And out from the bush, there lie's two eyes, blood red,
I'd seen enough, I ran away yet as I sped.
I'm hit by a figure, it's a mere blur,
A mess of just claws and fur.
I look into the face of this beast, and see not anger looking back at me.
But it's merely, soul, wishing to be free.
I raise myself to my feet, ready to let the beast free,
Before yet another change of scene.
I can no longer see the thing infront of me,
All I see is a one way mirror of constant gleam.
I shake my head, and let out a yell,
Wishing now, that I could be freed.
From this fear, there's nothing that can save me from thi
:iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 0 0
Red Dragon
Chapter 1-The Red Dragon/Prologue
   The bartender Delilah had just served up a fresh ale as she usually did. Always with the ale came the smile and the price. As soon as the man had paid the copper she as usual slipped it into her pocket. She smiled and faked putting it in the box. This was the usual routine at the Red Dragon. Though it would all change soon enough. The smiles would fade as would the cheer.
   Katerin the other barmaiden was smiling. She would be the first to meet the tortured soul. The first to smile and shake his hand. As the man walked the room began to turn cold, she flashed him a smile and beckoned towards an empty seat. He looked up to her though his face was shrouded in a veil of shadow. She took no notice and offered a greeting. "Hello sir." She would say in her optimistic tone.
     He gently looked her over. Seeing the blonde locks falling over her face. Her gown of purest white. Her pond green optics. He smiled very m
:iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 0 3
Crash by SupressedAuthority Crash :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 1 4 Coco by SupressedAuthority Coco :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 1 0
June Fourteenth
Hand and hand, is where our fingers would entwine,.
Hand in hand, is where both destinies would combine.
Leaning in, everything's a blur,
Lips touch, not even a word.
The shock wear's off, then there's nothing but bliss.
As the couple share's together, true love's first kiss
:iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 2 1
N. Cortex by SupressedAuthority N. Cortex :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 4 4 It's Tiny by SupressedAuthority It's Tiny :iconsupressedauthority:SupressedAuthority 2 1

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Current Residence: Ontario
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: Freehand?
Wallpaper of choice: Band backgrounds.
No, I don't want any, but I want to do some! If you can point me to a piece I could do I'd love to do it! Think of it as a christmas gift to yourself. :P  Mind you, I'm not the greatest, but I'll try!

  While on the talk of art, I'm also willing to do commissioned writing, or art trades for written pieces!
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